Project Description

Choosing a front door is lots of fun…but also a big decision.  There are so many choices, and  the door can really help dictate the style of the home you’re about the walk into.  In the past, I’ve always had a stained wood front door, or a dark painted colour, from navy to high lacquered black.


With the new house, I want to add a bit of fun.  I feel my style taking a more contemporary turn these days.  Unfortunately, my husband isn’t a doormat and likes to have a say in these things, and he’s still pretty traditional.  So for our new front door, he decided on the final style…but I’m going to pick the colour, yay!


After doing a neighborhood tour today (aka, baby napping in car, must keep driving as to not wake baby) I’ve learned there aren’t really a lot of people branching out with door colours.  In fact, there are only 4 that seem to make the list:  Red, Black/Navy (dark), wood, and white.


I’m not going to conform!!!  I’ve decided we must do yellow or blue.  But fun and bright.  The house will be gray shingled siding with white trim.  Help me pick a front door colour!


Below are some I love, both colours and styles:

I love both the colour and the style.  We are doing a pretty wide door also, 42”  This just seems happy to me 🙂


Clearly I am quite drawn to this door style 😉  I think it’s funky and traditional all at the same time.  And this turquoise is super fun!




Okay, my all time fave.  Colour and style.  Going to see if I can return current door and custom order this.  I love love love chevron, and I love this door, colour, knocker, handle, etc.  Thoughts?  Maybe a little too trendy, but you only live once!