ASBESTOS Awareness is top of my mind.

Project Description

I have probably never talked about asbestos as much as I have in the last 18 months, but this is a good thing. I’ve spent years building and renovating homes and leading construction crews from different jobs all over the lower mainland, and I know that nothing is as potentially toxic and harmful as asbestos. Maybe because I am old now, (wink wink) or because I am a father of three, but I genuinely want to ensure that people know about the dangers that are potentially hiding in their homes.

The commercial production of insulation containing asbestos began in 1879, and the first case of asbestos-related disease in the lungs was detected in 1899. The first cases of asbestosis and lung cancer attributable to asbestos exposure were diagnosed in the United States in 1935.

Since then awareness has grown, and people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of asbestos. What makes asbestos so dangerous is that it is not always in plain sight. Honestly, as a contractor my responsibility is the safety of my crew and my workers firstly, but also the safety of the homeowners I am working for. I am being trusted to share my professional expertise and experience, and to make sure people are educated about the dangers of asbestos during home renovations and demolitions, and that they know how to properly identify and remove it.

The odds of having asbestos in a home built before 1990 are high. Asbestos is perfectly safe if not disturbed, but if you are planning to renovate or demolish your home, make sure you test for asbestos before work begins.

If you are looking for resources and information on how to deal with asbestos when renovating or demo-ing your pre-1990s home, visit

As a contractor on any project, my main focus is to get asbestos tested by a trained expert or surveyor. Friends have said in the past, are you sure I need to? Is it worth it? There is a cost of course, but it is worth every penny to keep the people in your home safe.

I know that home renovations can be expensive and you might feel like you’ve spent your entire life savings, but asbestos testing and removal is one cost you don’t want to cross out. Talk to your contractor and get your home checked, and be sure you and the people working on your home are safe.